FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS..and then the answers!


Where can I see more of your work/process?
You can follow me on Instagram at: What_thehell or visit my website frequently. I keep the website updated consistently when a new project is completed.

Do you take on commissions? 
Yes! shoot me an email!

Is anything for sale? 
Many pieces that I post on social media, are available for purchase. larger sculptures can be viewed under the “Price List” page.

Do you sell/ship Internationally?
Yes I do. Please contact me at for inquires.

Are all of your sculptures reproductions of larger, existing structures?
No, the majority of my work, with the exception of one or two pieces, are all fictional structures and businesses (created by me)…that’s part of the Art!
I often keep a large collection of reference images I use to keep my fictional facades as realistic as possible.

What is your process to start one of your sculptures?
When I begin new project, many hours are spent researching, sketching, planning, and considering. I keep a three-ring binder, full of reference photos, near me
at all times so I can keep my eyes open to what the world looks like without having to travel all over. Although, I sure would love to travel more often to see things in person.

Once I have a good plan/direction developed, I begin to mock things up and start to plan the structural supports for what will eventually become the building facade.
From there I just ping pong around a bunch until I start to flesh out the sculpture, adding detail and textures as I go.

Once the overall piece is put together I start to massage it a bit, adding and removing things to get the desired look and feel that I’m after.
This part can make or break it, since most of the narrative of the sculpture comes from this process.

What are the materials you use to create your sculptures?
I use a wide variety of materials in my artwork, very wide…The main materials I use include a variety of foam, papers, plastics, and lightweight woods.
I am known for scavenging litter while out on walks and repurposing it in my artwork.

Do you use any pre-made or purchased items in your artwork?
No. I design, create, and fabricate all of the items within my sculptures - from the structure, to the signage, to the base.
I use a variety of tools, both power and hand, to create the works of art.

Do you sell supplies for miniatures? 
I do not; the supplies and materials I create are just created for the specific piece and are not mass produced for individual sale.

Do you have a Youtube channel?
No, sadly BUT i am hoping to get one going sometime soon!.